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Real estate financing

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Real estate financing – with digital solutions for your financing offer

Get started with digital real estate financing in just 3 minutes and compare and apply for the best conditions in the offer dashboard

Real estate financing – an exciting step on the way to owning your own home. Are you dreaming of a luxurious condo or a charming house? No matter what project you want us to fulfill your wishes. In order to be well prepared for the upcoming journey, we offer you, with our innovative financing configurators, an interactive platform where you can act independently right from the start and smartly determine, compare and use your financing offers for your residential property, such as a condominium or house You can apply digitally to the selected financing institution. This is made possible by this state-of-the-art technology, which meets you with your concerns at eye level and where you need support or advice, is accompanied by specialists right through to implementation.

Perfectly coordinate your individual financing project in the financing configurator

Very often, when it comes to real estate financing, it becomes apparent that very individual aspects need to be examined. The financing configurator maps almost all conceivable private financing projects and wishes, better than any other construction financing calculator does. It doesn't matter whether additional income, parental leave, one or two borrowers, existing properties, additional security or different types of loans and several financing modules should be taken into account. We offer almost every financing configuration and constellation for you using the web application in self-service. These can be very simple but also complex projects - start the dynamic financing configurator, go directly to the offer dashboard and use the clear list of results and find your suitable financing offer.

Loan types that can be determined:

Annuity loan

Full repayment loan

KfW promotional loan

Interim financing

Variable loans

Subordinated loans / personal loans

loans suspended on repayment

Building savings loan

Adjustable preferences:

Speed of loan approval / filtering by credit institutions with short, medium and long processing times

Debit interest rates from 1 to 35 years

Commitment interest-free period of 1 - 24 months

Repayment rate change

monthly installment or repayment rate from 1%

Financing structure with/without promotional loans and/or building savings solutions

Special repayment options (5% p.a., 10% p.a. or others)

Specification of the loan term (years, until retirement...)

several/different financing modules

Results list with sorting function in the offer dashboard:

lowest rate


best interest rate

Processing time of the credit institution

lowest repayment

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Progressive web app

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Credit characteristics that can be taken into account:

any type of employment (employees, civil servants, self-employed, freelancers, pensioners, pupils, students, housewives/househusbands, on parental leave)

Approach to parental leave and parental allowance

additional income

Special types of income (commissions, additional salaries, additional income, pensions)

Place of residence (regionally specialized institutes)

Additional security (building savings contracts, life insurance)

Existing properties and rental income

Existing properties as additional security/equity replacement

Object features that can be taken into account:

any property type (EFH, ZFH, RH, MFH, DHH, property)

Leasehold building law

Condition and equipment

Construction year

Property address

Degree of modernization

Energy efficiency

Projects that can be configured:

Purchasing an existing property

Buying a new property / buying from the developer

own building project

Follow-up financing, debt restructuring, modernization

Raising capital

Feasibility and interest rates are determined by individual parameters

With the financing configurator, we provide you with a web application that was developed with the expertise of competent experts in the financing industry. Great importance was placed on the correct and complete consideration of a financing project, which ultimately offers you maximum reliability when determining valid financing offers. A comprehensive overview of the individual creditworthiness as well as the exact property details forms the basis. No long and unnecessary initial discussions where you have to laboriously provide your details. In self-service you start creating a project, can edit it at any time, save it, and identify, compare and apply for financing offers. You can freely choose competent specialist advice based on your wishes.