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The next generation financing calculator: Discover the financing configurator

Introduction to the digital revolution in real estate financing

Have you ever wondered how to find the best real estate loan without having to go through hours of consultations and complicated application processes? The answer lies in an innovative tool: the next generation financing calculator - the financing configurator. In this article, you will learn how this revolutionary tool is changing the way you can find and compare financing offers for your dream property.

Screenshots of various slides within the financing configurator
Financing configurator - the self-service financing calculator

What can you expect in this article?

  • An overview of how the financing configurator works

  • The benefits of the self-service approach for those seeking financing

  • Practical tips for using the financing configurator

  • Expert opinions and case studies that prove the success of the tool

  • A final call to action that invites you to try the tool yourself

The next generation financing calculator: The financing configurator

What is the financing configurator?

The financing configurator goes far beyond the conventional financing calculator. This advanced web application allows you to independently identify, compare and apply for financing offers for your property. By using the latest technologies and interfaces to over 700 financing institutions, you can access the best conditions in real time.

Why self service?

Traditional real estate financing was often time-consuming and complicated. However, with the self-service approach of the financing configurator, you can access important information anytime and from anywhere and make your financing decisions independently. This not only saves time, but also gives you control over the entire process.

Advantages of the financing configurator

1. Time saving and efficiency

With the financing configurator, you can get a comprehensive overview of the best financing offers within minutes. No waiting for consultation appointments, no long conversations - everything is available immediately and clearly.

2. Independence and control

You have the freedom to browse and compare your financing options independently. This means that you are not dependent on the recommendations of a single advisor, but can choose the best from a variety of options. A financing advisor can still be called in at any time by conveniently contacting them from the web application.

3. Transparency and comparability

The financing configurator offers you a transparent presentation of all available financing offers. You can search the results according to various criteria such as interest rate, repayment rate or processing time to find the offer that suits you best.

4. Personalized options

The tool takes your individual needs and financial circumstances into account. Whether you need a quick loan process, prefer specific repayment options or want to provide additional collateral - the financing configurator takes all your requirements into account.

How to use the financing configurator effectively

Step-by-step instructions

1. Start the configurator:

Visit the website↗ or start the financing configurator↗ directly.

2. Enter your details:

Fill out the required information about your financing needs.

3. Compare the offers:

Use the deals dashboard to find the best options.

4. Choose the best offer:

Make an informed decision based on the available data.

5. Apply for financing:

Complete the process digitally and receive quick feedback.

Expert opinions and case studies

According to a study by Zendesk, 67 percent of consumers prefer to help themselves rather than speak to a customer service representative. In addition, 91 percent of respondents would use a knowledge base if it was available and tailored to their needs. has already been able to see the evidence for this 2023 study over several years - for 5 years now, they have been relying on digital tools that are very popular with almost all new and existing customers.

Conclusion and call to action

Summary of main points

The next generation financing calculator, the financing configurator, offers a revolutionary way to make real estate financing efficient, transparent and independent. With just a few clicks, you get access to a wide range of financing offers that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Try now!

Are you ready to take control of your real estate financing? Visit the financing configurator↗ now and find the best offer for your dream property today.

Questions about interaction

  • Do you already have experience with self-service financing tools?

  • What additional functions would you like to see in the financing configurator?

  • Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Take advantage of the opportunity and discover the future of real estate financing with the next generation financing calculator – the financing configurator.



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